About JING

Hi, I'm Jing and I have been exploring Chinese food as a writer and cook for the last ten years.  I was born in Chengdu, but grew up moving around a lot with my family. Although I grew up in the West, my Sichuan heritage, especially aspects of its food and culture, captivated me, and I moved to China to delve deeper.  

I’ve since created an award-winning restaurant in Shanghai, cooked pop up dinners in cities around the world, and been a guide to visiting chefs like Andrew Zimmern, Ken Hom, Eddie Huang, and Emeril. I've contributed to and been featured on many publications and television shows including New York Magazine, MunchiesTravel Channel, BBC, Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown and Vice.  

My newest project Fly By Jing is a celebration of the vibrant street food culture of Sichuan. Inspired by the bustling "fly restaurants" of Chengdu, old school eateries so good they attract diners like flies, Fly By Jing is a modern take and slow approach to classic Sichuan soul food, bringing it to life through a line of artisanal food products and pop up dining experiences in China and around the world.

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