An Old Teahouse in Chengdu


Guanyinege Old Teahouse in Pengzhen county just outside of Chengdu is a century-old tea house that doesn’t seem to have changed with the times. Faded murals of cultural revolution era artwork and slogans adorn the walls and neighborhood seniors camp out with tobacco pipes and sip bottomless cups of tea from sunrise. It's become popular recently with domestic tourists, so it's best to beat the crowds as the local seniors do, and arrive before 7 am. 


Sunlight trickles into the room through gaps in its wooden structure and a bright red stained glass cutout of a red star on the roof, hitting the smoke rising from tobacco pipes and the coal-fired stove just right. Kettles of boiling water are always on the ready to refill your cup as soon as it's dry. If you're lucky, they might even pour it for you from a traditional long-spouted teapot, which is really something to witness.


You may not understand anything being said around you, even someone like me who speaks Sichuanese can have a hard time getting the hyper-local dialects, but just sitting there, sharing a cup of tea and a smile is often enough to give you that essential feeling of connectedness to that moment in time and space. Guanyinge Teahouse has been around for a hundred years, but there's no guarantee it will make it through the next one hundred. Every time I visit, I approach with trepidation that I might find an empty structure, or worse, none at all. 


Teahouses are everything in Chengdu, a city of leisure and relaxation. They represent the gathering of communities and the epicenter of culture. As the city races towards modernization, these are sometimes becoming collateral.  I hope that while it's still there, you guys can go and experience it for yourself. Also, guided tours of Chengdu are still available as a reward on my Kickstarter, just saying :) 

Long spouted tea pot

Long spouted tea pot

Shuangliu District Mashiba Street near Jiaotong Road 3rd Section
Open from 5am until 5pm